Student Ad Design Gallery

One of our projects this semester was for the students to create an ad campaign for their websites. The class worked on design techniques such as color schemes, catchy headlines, call to actions and Flash animations. We then created a second version of each ad to try out some AB testing. We also experimented with publishing the ads live using and account with Google AdSense. This gave the students the data they needed to see which ads were working and which were not. Sometimes the slightest tweek to an ad – change a color, rewrite the headline, another call to action – can lead to improved click through rates (CTR).

Here is a showcase of the SEO 177 students ad designs:

Life in the 70’s and 80’s

California Web Options

Tripp Web Development

Save On Beauty
Save on Beauty

Intricate Design
Intricate Design CAD/CAM

ST Graphics

Locals Only! – SEO and Local Searches

Let’s say your a web designer in Oceanside, CA working out of your back bedroom. If a potential client does a search for “web design”, your result will most likely show up on page 9,999. Face it. Your web design studio has no shot what so ever getting placed above an agency, in say, New York. But why would you want to? By focusing your efforts on a local search engine optimization plan, your little design company can be the big fish in the local pond.

Local search results give small businesses the opportunity to get found by the customers they want – locals. By using search tools such as the Bing Local Listing Portal, Yahoo Local Search, and Google Places, businesses can hype the features of their company right along with contact info. Community review sites like Yelp not only boost your local rankings, but allow customers to say some good things about you. Try placing a classified ad for your services on Craigs List. Sign On San Diego is another great local community information hub.

Now let’s do a search for “web design oceanside ca.” If done right, you should show up in the top local results. Think big when it comes to your business, but think local when it comes to SEO.

Download Local Search Engine Results…

Check out these links:

Make Mo’ Money Monetizing


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Driving all that traffic to your site is about to pay off – literally. Any website, blog or mobile device can be turned into a money maker. How much depends on your efforts. By becoming an ad publisher, you can earn an income through display ads, affiliate programs, video and game embeds, and eCommerce. We’ll discuss the best techniques, PPC formulas, and most profitable types of ads.

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Creative Clicks – Designing a Great Banner Ad


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We’ve designed our site, got the search engine optimization all in place. Now let’s advertise. On the flip side of organic search traffic is branded search advertising. You got to spend money to make money, right? Even if you are at the top of the organic search results, paying for traffic, if done correctly, is still a great tool to get hits. In class, we will create a marketing plan, a budget, design some ads and drive traffic to unique landing pages within our site. Earlier in the semester, we established our target audience. Based on that info, we can set some conversion goals and design some effective banner ads. We will research an Ad Provider for optimization and appropriate ad placement. Then we will design landing pages and use A/B testing to get the best conversion

How to Plan an Affordable Web Advertising Campaign


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How does your banner ad get not only noticed, but clicked? Internet users are bombarded with ads. Some are obnoxious looking, (and sounding). Some just get in the way. We’ll talk about how to stand out and stay within a reasonable budget. The lecture is an overview of how to create a web advertising campaign using various ad tools like Google Adwords, YouTube, and Yahoo! Search Marketing. What is the difference between PPC, CPM, CTR, and KFC? We will cover Rich Media ads on Yahoo! takeover ads, overlay ads, expanded ads, and interactive ads. This is just skimming the surface, but will get us rolling.

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Super Searchalicious SEO Slideshows


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Get to the top of the search results! Okay, maybe not to the top but higher than you are now. Learn the basics of search engine optimization with these simple searchalicious slideshows. These lectures are straight from the SEO class taught at Palomar College, and filled with easy to follow tips.


The first night of class we’ll go over the basics of SEO and the class outline. The SEO Starter Kit describes how a website should be built from the beginning using basic search engine optimization. We will go through the creation of a eCommerce site featuring the US Women’s World Cup team.

Download the SEO Starter Kit…


Keywords are the most vital part of Search Engine Optimization. We will discuss researching and creating keywords for your site and adding them to the appropriate meta tags. How to create a relevant title tag, description tag, H1 tag, alt tags, and internal linking.

Download the Keywords and Meta Tags Lecture…


Knowing your competition and how they are positioning their online marketing campaign is key. Creating a analysis of what your competition is doing will help you refine your own audience. We will discuss targeting your niche audience and how to optimize your site accordingly.

Download the Competitive Analysis Lecture…


Mark Zuckerberg FacebookFacebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr. Just of few of the many Social Media tools we will be using for SEO. Learn how to spread the word through Social sites and make your site go viral.

Download the Social Media 1 Lecture…

Website Design and Structure

Planning Your Website’s Structure – Starting with rough sketches and wireframes, we’ll build site and integrate SEO. Techniques for good web design, color schemes, typography, and to provide a good user experience.


Content is king! Providing good, relevant content to your followers will not only drive more traffic to your site, but boost your search results higher and higher. We will discuss how to write good, SEO content that will get indexed by the search engines.

Download the Creating Content Lecture…


One of the most important factors in search engine optimization, is off-site link building. Those relevant, in-bound links to your site from other quality, similar sites, will bosst you to the top of the search results. Link baiting, going”viral”, link exchanges, blogging, and commenting will be discussed.

Download the Link Building Lecture…

Teaching SEO to College Freshman


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Marketing Class Gets a SEO Lecture at Palomar

Garret Akerson of Motionstrand gives tips to freshman about search engine optimization

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Motionstrand is a design agency combined with an in-house production staff. We deliver a single source solution for strategy, design concept and full production. Our ability to formulate innovative strategy, create progressive design concepts and follow through with full deployment has assisted our clients in reaching growth objectives and building brand presence.

Perfect Viral Video for Link Baiting


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Local Taxidermist Goes Viral – Great Example of Link Baiting and SEO

Ojai Valley Taxidermy in Ojai, California created an outstanding video for their taxidermy business that went completely viral. The video has been viewed 5.8 million times and has driven traffic and business to the southern California company. The chessy video is an excellent example of link baiting for search optimiazationa and web marketing. Take a look –

See the full article at the Huffinton Post…

Search Engine Optimization

Palomar College now offers a Search Engine Optimization class to help give your website that edge and launch you to the top of the search results.

Course Description:
Integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to improve search engine traffic, visibility, conversion, and Return on Investment (ROI). This hands-on course presents guidelines and techniques for SEO strategy and implementation. Optimize Website design through complex design technologies such as wireframes, dynamic content, pay per click, keywords, copywriting, graphics, and multimedia. Incorporate blogs, forums, and chat. Measure traffic with analytics and metrics.

Specific Course Objectives:
Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

• The Search Engines: History
• Search Engine Basics
• Defining Your Site’s Audience
• Determine Your SEO Objectives
• On-site SEO
• Basic HTML knowledge
• Keyword Research
• Developing an SEO-Friendly Website
• Creating Link-Worthy Content and Link Marketing
• Optimizing for Vertical Search – content, images, videos
• Off-ste SEO
• SEO for Social Media
• SEO for Blogging
• Tracking Results and Measuring Success
• Fine-tuning Your Site: SEO Research and Study
• The Future of SEO

Tuesdays and Thursday nights – 6:00pm to 8:50pm

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